Reservations Required at ZapZone. 


I did a drop in with my husband and 2 boys. Amazing! I feel like we know Coach and Sure Short on a personal level after 1 visit (not to mention Lochness and Saggy). I didn?t buy the memberships until game 3 when I realized how much my boys loved it and they still got member pricing. It?s a great time for kids but what makes it even better is the interaction and personal relationships with the staff.

See you soon!!!    KitKatDestroyer and McJuggerNuggetts


**I just wanted to thank Zap Zone Niagara for making my twin's bday party an epic success! Super clean, super friendly, EPICALLY fun for boys, girls (and parents). Thank you Coach, we will definitely be back soon!  --- Elaine Podilchuk


I just wanted to say thank you for hosting our Team Building event.  It went over really well with everyone and served its purpose.  Your experience in the industry and friendly attitude makes a huge impact on the game play and I look forward to playing there again in the future. --- John Wascher


I have to say thank you,... everyone was pretty darn happy on the way home. The kids that never played before wouldn't stop talking about it. Always fun, I look forward to coming again. - Christine Boyko